What you need to know

Why do resumes stink?  You already know this, and it is all too simple to explain:

Resume writing is a skill itself, not demonstrative of the skills someone actually possesses. Resumes only demonstrate one skill to an employer: your ability to write a resume.

So, it is difficult for the author (maybe not even the job candidate) to make themselves stand out, and a huge burden for you, the recruiter, who is inundated by 1000s of resumes and unable to distinguish what makes any candidate different from another.  The rudimentary software currently used to help filter resumes for recruiters and employers is, frankly, terrible and near useless. But, you already knew that.

Jobster is unique because it relies on something quite obvious: the knowledge, skills and behaviors of the job candidate.  In other words: competencies.

And, Jobster doesn’t rely on any old competencies but rather competencies that are relevant to the job you need to fill, and the job the person actually wants.

Jobster has multiple simple and obvious uses, including:

  • For recruiting the best candidates.

  • For identifying your internal bench-strength:

  • For specifying training gaps.

Most of all, Jobster is the lowest cost solution for locating and surfacing great job candidates